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Wednesday 31 August 2011

Creamy Rabri/Basundi ~ For Blog Hop Wednesdays ~ From Enveetu KItchen!

For the 3rd edition of Blog Hop Wednesday I am assigned Priya's Blog- Enveetu Kitchen. She has an amazing collection of recipes. I just love her bakes. Despite that I have chosen her recipe of Basundi for today's post. I am sure some baking posts will follow soon.

To know more about it and participate check this. This event is the brain child of Radhika.

She had very lovingly prepared it for her grand mother's anniversary. Basundi is very much like Malai Rabri which I grew up eating. My mom's recipes is almost the same except she does not add saffron. Here, I have followed Priya's recipe to the T and loved it immensely.

I had prepared this long time back, before coming to my India visit and today on seeing these pictures I am tempted to make them again soon. I have used half of the measures as given in the original recipe.


1 Litres Full Fat Milk
1/4 +2tbsp Sugar
2 tbsp Almond Meal
2 tbsp Chopped Almonds
2 tbsp Chopped Pista
3 cardamom pod seeds crushed
a generous of Saffron, rubbed in 2 tbsp of milk


1. In a Heavy-bottom non stick pan, boil Milk. keep the flame on medium and boil till  it reduces to 3/4 of the volume. 
2. Stir the Milk and Scrape the Pan-Side and return it to the boiling milk. When the Milk reduces to 3/4 of its quantity, add saffron Soaked Milk to this and Sugar. 
3. Keep Stirring often and scrape the sides and stir the malai in to the milk.

4. When Milk reduces to half its quantity, add the almond meal and Chopped nuts and Stir Well. Switch off the Stove and let it cool. When cool refrigerate it. Serve chillled

I enjoyed it very much. See what other bloggers are up with for Blog Hop Wednesday!

Thank you for stopping by. Cheers!


  1. Hope u r enjoying ur time in India.. Basundi looking so good.. I could lick it clean, except u have already done that.. excepting to see more going in ur space

  2. Basundi looks delish, glad to follow your take on books, food n more !

  3. Soo tempting and rich looking basundi..

  4. I envy you Jyothi. The last 2 clicks were enough to bring out a sigh from me.

  5. This recipe cannot go wrong!! Just so flavorful!

  6. wow, that looks delicious and I love the last picture where everything was eaten :)

  7. the saffron

  8. rabri is mouthwatering
    1st time here do visit my blog

  9. thanks for trying it jyoti!!!! Love the clicks dear!!!!

  10. Looks so creamy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1lovely clicks......mouth watering:-)


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