Wednesday 26 October 2011

My India Trip ~ In a Nutshell And Diwali Greetings!

A post about my recent India visit has been long due, so has been the reviews of the books I have read of late. It has been almost two weeks I am back to this corner of the world but the realization of being back has been sinking in slowly. But, as the saying goes, better late than never, so here I am with a post of my India trip. But, before that, I want to convey my heartiest Diwali wishes to all my readers and fellow bloggers!
 May the glow of lamps fill your life with joys...
And the year ahead bring good fortune and happiness to cherish forever!!!
                       Wishing you and your family a very Happy, Prosperous and Safe Diwali.

Coming back to my India trip, as I have already said, it was somewhat hectic but I enjoyed every bit of it. My flight was uneventful and I reached my destination without any hassle.

I had been to my hometown, Dhubri for 3 weeks. My elder sister also came down with me and we had a great time there. I spent a good time with my nephew- Pranay akka Gullu. To tell you something about my dear nephew- he is naughty, intelligent and the sweetest boy ever. Stories about him will need another post!
My Nephew- Pranay.. When he puts on his sunglasses he thinks he is the smartest guy ever!

My time in Kolkata just went by juggling with various activities. There were so many things to do that time seemed to be flying by... We took a break from the hectic schedule and went to Puri for 3 days. It was a much needed relaxed break and we enjoyed it immensely.
 Puri Sea Beach
Me and the Sea!
My India trip went something like this:

So, did I exaggerate when I said it was hectic!

I bought a couple of books by India authors. The luggage weight limitation curtailed my list but still I managed to bring, Jaya by DevDutt Patnaik, The Difficulty of being good by Gurcharan Das, By the water Cooler by Parul Sarma ( finished reading and review due) and Saraswati Park by Anjali Joseph. While in India I read I am Papa by Pranav Bhattacharya, I too had a love story by Ravinder Singh and If I forget and forgive you by Prasant Sharma. Reviews of these are also long due and I hope to do it all by the month's end. As is evident from the titles, I have picked books by Indian authors only and I am looking forward to reading them.

Once again, Happy Diwali! I will be up with some pictures of Diwali here soon. Enjoy!
Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!


  1. that a busy but a fun trip :)
    little one looks cute

  2. Wellcome back sounds like agreat trip.

  3. That sounds so hectic but a fun trip. Yr nephew is really cute.

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali.

  4. Belated Diwali wishes!Looks like you had a fun ,but hectic trip..nice pick of books.. been wanting to read saraswati park for ages!

  5. Hi Joyti, back from my travels and trying to catch up with all my favourite bloggers. It sounds like you enjoyed your trip as much as we enjoyed ours, although we were not as hectic! Our daughter has just paid her fist visit to India, The Golden Triangle and tells us it was beautiful, especially The Taj Mahal, somewhere I dream of seeing for myself one day.

  6. Belated diwali wishes and good to see u back :)

    Hope u enjoy all the books that u have picked up & yes I must say that was quite a hectic trip :)


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