Thursday 3 November 2011

I am Papa by Pranav Bhattacharya

I first read a review of this book at Veens' space and it made it to my TBR list. That is why when I spotted it in a book shop at Mumbai Airport, I bought it. I am glad I did as I spent a good amount of my time on my Mumbai-Kolkata flight reading it. It has been quite a while since I read it (yeah, this review has been long due), so instead of racking my brains to remember the whole plot, I am quoting the synopsis from the back of the book.

Sometimes, life presents you with a problem so huge,that you are forced to ask : “Where do I start?”
Prof. Arya came back home to enjoy a quiet, retired life. One fine day, his son disappeared, without a trace.All he left behind was a note addressed to Papa.
What would you do if this happened to you?Would you know where and how to start looking for him? Would you be scared stiff and just freeze?
Would you stick to the notions of morality, legality and political correctness?
Every situation needs a Hero, and every adverse circumstance gives birth to one. Who said that a retired Professor can’t be a Hero?!
Join the protagonist of Pranav Bhattacharya’s debut novel as he embarks on a heart-throbbing and
perplexing journey,armed with nothing but his quiet determination and unfailing sense of humor.

I enjoyed reading this book from the very beginning till the end. There was no a single dull moment in the story and after every chapter, I was anticipating what would happen next! The writing style is plain and simple and yet, the author has been able to create  suspense throughout the novel. I really liked Prof. Arya for his unfailing love for his son, no matter what, for the determination with which he took the task of finding his son and bringing him back. There are some unfinished plots in the novel which makes me curious. But, then I feel in real life too there are stories left incomplete, questions that are left unanswered. However, I have heard that there might be a sequel to it and I will surely look forward to it.

I had passed on this book to my younger sister and the book did rounds in her hostel and all her friends loved reading it. Overall, a good read, an engrossing story full of twists and turns. If you looking for a quick read pick it up for sure.

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