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Saturday 17 December 2011

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

A look at my to read list 2011 and I realized that I had not touched the Twilight Series after reading the first novel of the series sometime early this year, which by the way I really enjoyed. I felt it was just right to pick up the next in series right away and I did.

The story in New Moon starts from where it ended in Twilight. Bella is back to Forks after being rescued from the clutches of the evil vampire- James, by Edward and company. Life goes on fine until Bella's birthday. Give it to her all known, characteristic clumsiness, she has a paper cut and blood trickles out of her finger at a birthday bash at Edward's home, in the full company of his vampire family. As what can be well guessed, Edward jumps off to protect Bella from being prey to any hungry vampire. It it this incident that makes Edward realize that things can't go this way forever and that he is risking Bella's life every moment he is with her. The whole of the Cullen's family decides to leave Forks and find a new dwelling. Edward leaves Bella and asks her to move forward in life. From there on Bella is inconsolable, melodramatic and sulky. In trying to bring her life to normalcy she renews her friendship with Jacob Black. Things in Bella's life gets complicated when something happens to Jacob, a transformation, that makes him the eternal enemy of the vampire clan. Still, all is until Edward is out of picture. But how long can he be out of Bella's life?

I think I have given enough of the story line, but still I can assure you that there is much more to the story. I liked the book in parts. I was really loosing my patience after reading some 50 odd pages. Bella was depressed, sulking all the time and living her life as a lifeless zombie. She constantly talked about THAT hole in her heart, that was not healing and was constantly getting worse with time. She had recurring nightmares that truly established that something is not quite right about her. I was almost getting irritated, the way she behaved, until the author added the new twist of Jacob Black to the story. I found Jacob's character very warm and like-able. Bella herself describes him as one cheerful person who spreads smiles and warmth. In fact Bella's character in this part struck me as selfish at times. Of course, she was using Jacob to diminish her own sorrow and I wonder if she would be there when Jacob needs her. The high point for me in this part was the friendship of Bella and Jacob. But as is known that 'Bella and Edward' are the couple and in the next part of the series, I am sure the author is going to come up with something to portray him as a bad character which I am not really looking forward to. Having said that, I must add that I will definitely read the rest of the series for I find the whole premise of the novel fascinating. I did not think that a vampire - human love story could hold my interest this long. Even though there are things that seem very predictable, the author has given finer details that makes it an interesting read.

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