Wednesday 25 January 2012

Dulce de Leche Malai Kulfi

If you do not know what 'dulce de leche' is, then the title of this post may sound a bit intimidating. But, let me assure you this is one of the easiest recipes and quick recipes and once you try this one, I am sure you will make it again. I must add a word of caution here, it can get really addictive.

Dulce de leche is just 'cooked' condensed milk. I had made it for these Banoffee pots and I used the leftover dulce de leche for making these kulfis. I am a big kulfi fan and can have them at any time and of course, weather doesn't count. I can be wearing sweaters and be tucked under a blanket and still can gobble down a whole lot of them. You can find the other kulfi recipes I have posted, here.

Refer to this post to see how I made dulce de leche. If you are apprehensive about trying it that way then read this post by aquadaze where she has described a number of ways to make it, including one in microwave. Sure, that would be a time saver and will come in handy. But, I have discovered something better. On searching a bit more about in google I found that Nestle Caramel is nothing but dulce de leche. I had searched for it in the grocery store and had taken for granted that it would be selling under its original name. So, the next time I have a serious urge to make these kulfis, a trip to the super market will help me a lot. Stocking them up at home can be dangerous!

Click here for the printable version

180ml dulce de leche
120 ml double cream or fresh cream
120 ml milk, I used low fat.

Yields 6-8 kulfis depending on the size of the molds.


1. Add all the ingredients in a mixer jar and whiz for a few seconds.
2. Pour into kulfi molds and freeze over night.
3. Allow the molds to remain outside the refrigerator for 5 minutes and then un mold it or run hot water over the kulfi molds to un mold it even quickly. Enjoy!

To sum up in a word, they were just 'AWESOME'. I already have my favorite recipe of the year! Do try it out!

Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!


  1. Malai kulfi looks superb..Loved the use of dulce de leche..

  2. Looks wonderful, I love kulfi.

  3. This sounds simple, and my mouth is watering. But I guess I will hop over to the nearest Kulfi shop in the morning then :P Laziness always gets the better of me. Sigh.

  4. Yummm!Didnt know Dulce de leche was cooked condensed milk before. Simple enough recipe for someone like meLovely pics as usual..

  5. sounds amazingly tasty..excellent preparation..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  6. Delicious and drool worthy. Excellent preparation. Wonderful pics.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. Wow, I could definitely see how those could be habit forming!

  8. I am so addicted to dulce de leche, so I hardly make it, and this one delicious avatar of ddl in kulfi form is too tempting. Love it !

  9. wow awesome...perfect dessert!

  10. too good... hey jyoti, am not sure of I pinged you about it. Your blog was the place I realized I could blog about books. thank you so much

  11. SOunds great and lvoed the idea of using dule de leche to make kulfi!

  12. This is a real tempting alas I got to wait a few months before I can something chilled, till the it satys bookmarked!


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