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Tuesday 10 January 2012

Healthy & Hearty - An Event Announcement

With Christmas and New Year gone, life is finally back to routine. I am sure every one has started the new year with a few goals, be it personal, professional or even related to hobbies, food or even books. I had talked about a few reading challenges in my last post and now I am here with a food event announcement. With a flood of food related events in the blogosphere, you would wonder why another?

But then I say, why not? On going through the recipes I have posted so far, I realized that most of them baring a few are indulgent food items, either high in calories or deep fried. So, I decided to take a break and prepare something healthy yet delicious. That's when I thought of Healthy & Hearty.

What am I looking for?

Basically, I am looking for HEALTHY recipes. It can be either a starter or a main course or any guilt free dessert. No deep fried food, but baking is fine provided it is not laden with butter! You can also create a low fat version of traditionally calorie rich food item.The options are numerous and varied.. So, friends send in your healthy yet delicious entries!

Here are a few rules of the event, you would like to know:

1. It can be any course of the meal.
2. Recipe has to be strict vegetarian. No eggs allowed!
3. Multiple Entries are welcome. I will accept entries posted in 2012 but not older.
4. Please send in your entries starting today, 10th Jan 2012 till on or before Feb 29th 2012.

5. Bloggers can simply send your Name and URL of your recipe at (sethiajyoti119 AT gmail DOT com) with the subject of "Healthy & Hearty" with the following details-

Recipe Name and URL:
Picture of the dish reduced to 300px:
6. Link back to this announcement page is mandatory. Use of Logo is optional


  1. Nice event jyothi.. i too have been making resolutions to revive my food blog.. i will try to take part in this event

  2. nice event dear will send some of my recipes soon :) cheers, priya - in fact both of my Jan posts will be entries to your event !

  3. Happy hosting Jyoti..will send my entries..

  4. Happy hosting Jyothi!!! Will send my entries soon...

  5. Linked..will mail it to u as well!

  6. just mailed you my entry. thanks for hosting this beautiful event.

  7. just sent you my entry - great event!


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