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Friday 24 February 2012

Lucky Library Picks#8 ~ The Indian Clerk by David Leavitt

This week for Lucky Library Picks, I have picked only one book. My book shelf is overflowing with books from the library. Some of the books I had bought during my India visit are still waiting to be read. I thought it would be better to clear the backlog of books before picking more from the library.

I have picked up 'The Indian Clerk' by David Leavitt this week. Of late, I am really inclined to pick books which has an Indian element in it, hence this pick.
I am quoting a little from the blurb to give an insight about what the book is:

"On a January morning in 1913, G. H. Hardy--eccentric, charismatic and, at thirty-seven, already considered the greatest British mathematician of his age--receives in the mail a mysterious envelope covered with Indian stamps. Inside he finds a rambling letter from a self-professed mathematical genius who claims to be on the brink of solving the most important unsolved mathematical problem of all time. Hardy determines to learn more about the mysterious Ramanujan and, if possible, persuade him to come to Cambridge. It is a decision that will profoundly affect not only his own life, and that of his friends, but the entire history of mathematics." 

Isn't that intriguing? I have read a few reviews of this book and many suggests that it needs a patient reading, but in the end it is worth it. I am really looking forward to reading it. 

Thank you for stopping by! Cheers! 

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