Friday 3 February 2012

Sweet Sesame Crackers ~ Til Papdi

 It is always good to have friends and even better if you have friends, who you can share your interests with, like cooking or reading. I am blessed to be surrounded  by like minded people and the joy doubles when I can learn new things from them. This sweet sesame crackers is something I have learned making from my friend M. She had made them and bought to one of our 'Get Togethers'. It was such a great hit and we all enjoyed munching it. M was generous enough to show me how to make it before the day ended. The ones she made for me ended the very next day and since then I have been contemplating to try it on my own.
 After much procrastination, I tried them today and they came out good. Yes, I did call her to confirm the measurement and it is simple enough for any one to give it a try. All you need is sugar, sesame seeds and a little ghee. These sesame seeds crackers are generally made during Makar Sakranti, a festival is celebrated in the month of January. But, you can enjoy munching them at any time.
1/2 cup white sesame seeds
3/8 cup sugar(basically the measure for sugar is 3/4th of sesame seeds)
1 tsp ghee for toasting
2 tbsp sesame seeds and 1 tbsp ghee for dusting and greasing.

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1. Heat a pan and add ghee for toasting into it. When melted add the sesame seeds and toast for about a minute. The seeds will not change colour. Transfer the seeds into a bowl.
2. Now melt the sugar in the pan. Stir slightly. While the sugar is melting, grease your clean work top area and spread a tbsp of sesame seeds on a small area. Grease your rolling pin as well.
3. When the sugar has melted add the toasted sesame seeds and using a spatula mix mix to form a sugar - sesame lump. Using a spoon put it over the sprinkled sesame seeds work top area. Now put another tablespoon of sesame seeds over the lump and run the rolling pin over it. Try to spread it as thinly as possible and as quickly as possible as it tends to set very quickly. If at any point the dough sticks to the rolling pin grease it again quickly and try sprinkling a little more sesame seeds over the sticky part.
4. After spreading it thinly, run a knife or pizza cutter over it to cut it into pieces. Move the pieces into another plate and cool to room temperature. Store them in an air tight container.

A very good snack to much on, but it can get addictive and in my place it gets over in no time! Linking it to Lets Cook#12 Sweet Somethings
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