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Wednesday 21 March 2012

Quick ~ Easy ~ No Cook ~ Malai Kulfi

I am a big Kulfi fan and that must be evident from the number of kulfi recipes I have posted on this blog already. And still when I spot a new recipe, I can't help trying it out myself. When I saw this super quick, no cook kulfi recipe in Miss Masala by Mallika Basu, I had to try it out. I was in a great hurry to click it and taste it so, I dipped the kulfi molds in hot water a little longer and hence you can see the liquid oozing out a bit. But, it was every bit delicious..

I had posted this Cardamom Kulfi made the traditional way long time back and it is still my favorite. But given that, sometimes we do not have or want to spend so much time in stirring the milk till it is thickened, I posted this Malai Kulfi that uses condensed milk and needs just  a fraction of time and some cooking. Then I was introduced to Dulce de Leche and couldn't help trying out another variation of kulfi using it and hence Dulce de Leche Malai Kulfi came into picture, it has a slight caramel flavour which i love. It was a no cook recipe as well if you are using stored bought can of Dulce de Leche. But this time this quick malai kulfi is the simplest you can make and it is just a matter of 5 minutes. Of course the freezing time is excluded. So, if you are pressed for time and are craving for kulfi, this could be the answer. I got 6 kulfi (80ml mold size) and freezed the rest in a freezer safe container. The original recipe has crushed pistachio added, but I have omitted it as I like the Malai flavour better.

400 ml can of evaporated milk
300 ml fresh/double cream
6 tbsp sugar
2 cardamom powdered


1. Add everything in a blender and whiz until the mixture doubles in volume.
2. Pour the mixture into Kulfi molds and freeze overnight.
3.  Allow the molds to remain outside the refrigerator for 5 minutes and then unmold it or run hot water over the kulfi molds to unmold it even quickly.

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Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!


  1. wow.looks really just mouth watering.perfectly done.......great job....

  2. delicioussssssss mouth watering kulfi

  3. Looks yum!! Feel like grabbing that right now ;)

  4. I loved all your kulfis probably more than you. But love this one as it is so simple and requires very less work.

  5. very delicious kulfi..perfect for d season

  6. Your delicious post reminds me the summers are just around the corner. Following your blog now.

  7. Hey Jyoti

    How are you? I am doing good. Was just a bit tied up with work.
    I am so glad to know that both you and your friend loved my thandai and alomond-saffron drink recipes :-)

    Thats a quick and a fussfree kulfi recipe :-)

  8. I have only just seen this! Thanks SO much for trying and recommending xx


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