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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kheer ~ Indian Rice Pudding

There are a few sweet dishes that I have grown up eating, Bread Ras Malai, Cardamom Kulfi are among them. Another frequently made sweet dish in our house was 'Kheer'. Although, I love it, I don't really make it that often these days, reason being DH doesn't like it much and cooking for myself doesn't inspire me enough to make it. However, on the rare occasions I make it, I relish the whole lot myself, and I don't mind.

Kheer can be served hot or cold. I like mine chilled with a generous sprinkling of nuts.

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Serves 6 people.

1 litre milk.
¼ cup granulated sugar.
¼ cup basmati rice (60 gm).
2 tbsp raisins
Chopped almonds and pistachios for garnishing.
½ tbsp rose water (optional).
2 cardamom pods powdered.


1. Wash and rinse the rice and soak it for half an hour.
2.  Heat a pan and add milk. Keep the gas on medium high and heat the milk till it reduces a bit.
3. When the milk comes to boil (10-12 mins) add the rice. Heat it till the rice is cooked. Keep on stirring gently so that milk does not stick on the bottom of the pan.
4.The milk will reduce to almost half. It will take another 15 minutes. Now add the raisins, cardamom powder and rose water. Heat for another 2 mins and take it off gas. Garnish it with chopped almonds and pistachios.
5. Serve it hot or chilled.

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  1. It is such a co-incidence...I am eating a bowl of cardamom flavoured kheer while reading your post!! It looks yummy and nicely done.

  2. My absolute favorite and the kheer does look very tempting. Very nice pictures Jyoti. Thanks for linking it...Jayanthi (

  3. Delicious kheer. Love the clicks

  4. wow yum yum...rice puddin is my fav too

  5. All time fav and looks yum ...wish can grab one of the bowl ;)

  6. All time fav, sweet things to eat !

  7. Irresistible rice pudding,very tempting and catchy..

  8. wow lovely kheer and the pics look awesome! very tempting!


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