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Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Stroke of Luck by Vijay Santhanam

The tag line of this book My Stroke of Luck by Vijay Santhanam will catch your attention. It says -Alphabet to Author - One man's inspiring journey - From Adversity to Triumph. I had applied for this book to review on blogadda, but had no idea what it was all about. Only when I flipped the book to read the blurb, I realized it is non a fictional story book but a person's real story. In the the author narrates about his triumphant journey of recovering from stroke. Yes, this is what the stroke in title of the book signifies.

The writer has given good details about his life in general to set the context of the book. At the age of 41, he was in the peak of his health and the stroke hit him hard, when he least expected it. He has given details of to what extent it affected him, how he fought against it and how eventually he took the charge of his life again. Stroke can be extremely disabling, it can take away from you your motor skills, your mental skills and can make you totally dependent on others. But, to get back to your normal life, you don't just need therapies and medicines but a strong will power and a desire to bounce back into normal life. The author assiduously worked towards relearning alphabets, words, sentences and as a result of his endeavors, he not only achieved what he set out to achieve but, earned something more. The tag line from alphabets to author is a reflection of his arduous journey.

The author has tried to inspire through his example that given a adverse situation even ordinary people can achieve extra ordinary feats. That is with enough self motivation and will power.

If inspirational books interests you, you can pick this book.

What I liked about the book is the author's simple writing style. There were a few typos that could be done away with but overall, it is a book that is easy to read and understand. the author has kept the book free from medical jargon and has tried to explain his medical condition in the simplest terms possible where necessary. He has also suggested books and journals for any one interested in learning more about stroke, its symptoms, terminologies and remedial therapies. But, if you look from an ordinary middle class man's perspective, you will realize that not everyone is fortunate enough to be blessed with the money and supportive friends and family, the author had the privilege of. it played a vital role in the process of recovery for the author. So, as the saying goes 'prevention is better cure', you must be well versed with the symptoms of stroke. So, in case you find yourself or anyone in your family and friends experiencing the same, you take the decision that is in the best interest of your or others health. It will also save you from the hassle and enormous medical expenses that can occur as a result of stroke.
Vijay Santhanam was born in Chennai and is a IIM-A graduate. He has worked in senior managerial positions in P&G and BP. He also has two other books to his name and both are on his passion - Cricket. He is based in Singapore now and is a visiting professor at IIM-A and IIM-Lucknow.

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