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Wednesday 17 July 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ Flaunting my Bookmarks

Flipkark Bookmarks - Quirky, Silly, Stylish
Flaunting my Bookmarks
I know this post is for Wordless Wednesday, but I can't help writing a few words here. Today, I am flaunting my bookmarks for which I must thank Flipkart. I have bought books from Flipkart several times and with every book comes a lovely, funny and silly yet, stylish bookmark. On the reverse is a quirky message. Here is one of my favorite written on the brown bookmark (with the eyes) shown above:

Flipkark Bookmarks - Quirky, Silly, Stylish
"Important reasons to use silly bookmarks"

Been reading for two days straight? Do not despair! Cut and string your new one-size-fits-all eye relaxer for instant rejuvenation. Works best under artificial light.

Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!

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  1. I collect bookmarks. People love to give me bookmarks as presents.

    Yours are very fun.

    Here's my Wordless Wednesday!

  2. Nice one... can i suggest you something? I think the background paper of the second photograph could have been different paper... with the newspapers almost everyday covering "rape" in different parts of the country, we should just avoid it... just sharing my thoughts...

    1. @ Rahul: Sahi kaha aapne.. Actually, I too noticed it after posting it and it was quite late at night when I published it.. I have cropped the image now.. Thanks for pointing out..

  3. I love bookmarks too!!! You have some really cool ones :-)

  4. I somehow did not get the reply to your comment - may be I am new so did not know how to reach here again :-) Thanks for cropping! the bookmarks look great now...

    Also, I had a first shot at saturday snapshot today, not sure if it is published correctly or not... can you please go through it and let me know if I have done what I need to do?

  5. Hey I have them too.. most of the above :) And I love them..


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