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Thursday 7 February 2019

Of New Year resolutions & Word of the Year 2019!

There is nothing magical about the flip of the calendar, but it represents a clean break, a new hope, and a blank canvas.  ~Jason Soroski
Of New Year Resolutions & Word of the Year 2019!
We are done with the first week of February of the year 2019 and here I am talking about New Year resolutions! You must think I must have lost the track of time or something. But, let me tell you that I have not. 

I am pretty old school when it comes to resolutions. I make them, often break them; at times stick to them and many times change them. Point is - I keep setting some goals for myself throughout the year. So, New Year is just another opportunity to set goals and I see nothing wrong with that. Coming back to my resolutions for this year, I took a different approach. I came across this picture on Instagram and it kind of resonated with me. So, my resolutions for this year can be summed up in this image.

In case you are wondering about the specifics - well there are many things I have in mind, that I have been meaning to do and that can fit the bill. But, I will save that for another post.

goals 2019
Image source: Instagram

Word of the Year (WOTY) is a concept I came across last year and I had chosen 'mindfulness' as my WOTY for 2018. My journey with mindfulness has been one with some ups and many downs. I guess it is something that needs to be cultivated and nurtured over time and I will keep working on it for a lifetime.

For my WOTY for 2019 I wanted something very specific. For a while, I toyed with the idea of using the word 'act'. The idea behind it was that I have had so many plans brimming in my mind for a long time that I needed to act and put them to good use. I am acutely aware of the fact that I am more of a dreamer/ planner than a doer. Yes, it kind of hard to admit. But that's the fact. Some days I am so motivated that I feel I am going to do it all and someday I go about the day like an aimless zombie. And then there are days when I feel that I have my hands full and by trying to add on to my to-do list I am just making things difficult for myself. Then I tell myself, relax and do one thing at a time. Isn’t that what mindfulness about? So, I dropped the word ‘act’ for the time being.

This month I have been on a decluttering and organizing spree. This whole week in February, this is what I have been doing. And that’s when the word ‘declutter’ came to me. And I realized how much decluttering my mind needed too. One of my problems is – I let things be, quite often so, but I don’t forget and since I don’t forget I carry emotional baggage around and that makes me vulnerable at times. I often emotionally invest myself in places where I should not. So, I think I better work on that and that’s why I am choosing ‘declutter’ as my word of the year 2019. Declutter the surroundings as well as the mind. The simpler things are, the better. Don’t you agree?

word of the year 2019

Decluttering also reminds me of Marie Kondo – something that has been on the Internet recently. And I also need to tell you how my mom Marie Kondo-d some of my memories. I will write about it and my trip to my hometown in January in my next post. Stay tuned.

Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!

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  1. Wow.. Definitely de-cluttering helps.. Start with your surroundings and the positive energy will sure influence you too!! Hoping to hear more from you this year.. Happy new year :))

    1. Thank you Hema for stopping by! I am sure the decluttering journey will help me big time. New year wishes to you too!


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