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Welcome to my little space in the web world. I am the writer, cook and photographer behind the blog. Jyoti's Pages' is where I share things I like, from my cooking adventures to my reading experiences and everyday ramblings...

Books and Food are vital components of my blog.

I studied Mechanical Engineering and worked for an oil company for some years before moving to Dublin, Ireland, to live with my husband. In Dublin, I had the opportunity to volunteer with various charity organizations like the Irish Cancer Society, UNICEF Ireland, Irish Wildlife Trust and Special Olympics Europe Eurasia. My volunteering experiences have been enriching and eye-opening. As a homemaker and part-time volunteer in Dublin, I got the time to indulge in my favourite pass-time and hobby - reading. I read voraciously and had the urge to share my thoughts about the books I read. That's when the idea of writing book reviews popped up in my mind. 

While I had enjoyed reading right from my school days, cooking was something I had picked only after marriage. I have always enjoyed home-cooked food by my mom and have grown up seeing her work her magic in the kitchen, but back then I was least interested in learning the cooking skills I would so badly need one day. Now, I was in a foreign country, with limited dining out options -learning to cook was more a necessity that interest in the beginning. As I stepped into the uncharted territories of cooking - with many lows and highs - gradually I discovered the passion for cooking.

I started this blog to write about the books I loved reading and to chronicle my cooking experiences.

Book Reviews:

I love reading books from a wide range of genres - chick-lit, literary fiction, mythology, mystery and thrillers. I do accept review copies of books from authors and publishers. So, if you have any such requirements, you can get in touch with me in the email id provided below. 

My book reviews are based on my personal liking and taste. So, I can only promise an unbiased review.


I am a vegetarian. So, here you will only find vegetarian and egg-free recipes from India and from around the world. I am very much eager to explore vegetarian dishes from global cuisines and hence experiment often with new ingredients and recipes in the kitchen. Please feel free to browse the recipe section and see if anything interests you. 

Food Photography:

All photos shared on Jyoti's Pages are my own unless stated otherwise. 

When I plunged into the field of food blogging, I had no idea that a whole new creative field - food photography - will interest me so much. After all these years of sharing recipes, I have come to realize that we 'eat with our eyes first' and it is so important to have good food pictures when posting recipes. 

After much deliberation, I picked up my first DSLR recently. My old posts still continue to have pictures taken from my old Nikon Coolpix camera. These days (posts from 2015 onwards) I shoot my food pictures with Nikon 5100 DSLR with a 50 mm 1.8 prime lens. I am exploring new ways of capturing dishes cooked in my kitchen in pictures and I am loving every bit of it.

I am completely self-taught and have no formal training in photography.


This space is open for promotions and advertising of books, food, restaurants and related products as long as it is in line with the theme of my blog and the philosophy of my life. 

If you have anything interesting, write me a mail and we can talk about how we can take it forward.

Freelance Work:

I have come a long way from the time I created this blog. Now, we are back to India and I am working as a 'Freelance Content Developer' (please check my profile on Upwork). Till date I have written articles, blog-posts for my clients on various niches which include Food and Recipes, Vegetarianism, Website content for sites of various fields, Health, Medical News, Travel and Photography. My articles and blog posts are well researched, thorough, SEO friendly and free of plagiarism. For some of my sample articles check my Buzzle Profile.

I am also interested in taking up 'food photography assignments' and 'food writing projects'. This blog is my portfolio and showcases what I can do. If you think this is what you are looking for, and we can work together - write to me!

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  1. interesting space... just going thru ...:)

  2. Hi Jyoti,
    you have a lovely space. I am very much new in blogging world.
    I am a pure vegetarina and was dying to try some easy egg less brownie recipe. And i saw your one bowl recipe and made very next day. Please check my blog where i hve mentioned your name also. Thank u so much.
    glad to follow you

    visit my blog

  3. I hope one day I will pick up blogging... tried it twice... but stopped after few days... hopefully I will get regular... you should also prepare a blog for 200,000 views... its getting near... good luck... happy blogging...

  4. Just landed to your blog ...searching for some receipes as me too getting married soon;)
    Being a pure vegetarian this space seems quite interesting to me...still ggoing thru
    great work dear:)


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