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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Maakhanya Lassi ~ Buttery Lassi

There are many dishes that one can associate with some special memories. Some can be associated with childhood - food prepared by mom. It can make you nostalgic and flood your mind with sweet anecdotes. Some dishes can be related to events - a special sweet dish or a cake that was meant for special occasion. And some are linked with a particular place - 'nukad ka chaat wala' (road side vendor) who makes the best Papdi Chat or a particular place known for their mouthwatering kulfi.

One such dish for me is this Maakhanya Lassi,  maakhanya literally means buttery.

I brings back to me the memories of visiting Jodhpur, Rajasthan. There is a snack shop (unfortunately I don't remember the name. I will update this if I remember) which is famous for this Lassi. All day long people throng to this place to enjoy a glass or two of this cold Lassi. In summer it sells like hot cakes! 2-3 years back when I had been to Jodhpur, my FIL had taken us to this shop. One sip of the Lassi and I was in heaven. One will be tempted to buy a second glass, but let me tell you, it is very filling. Two glass of this Lassi and you can forget about lunch!

When I had prepared this butter, this Lassi was the first thing I thought of making. I tried to replicate the taste from memory, so, I am not sure if it tastes exactly same, but it is definitely near.

You will need:

2 tbsp of fresh butter at room temperature. You can also use store bought unsalted butter
1 cup yogurt
1/4 cup water or more
1cardamom, pounded
4-5 saffron strands
2 tbsp sugar, more of less, adjust to taste
4-5 ice cubes

1. Rub the saffron with a few drops of water to bring out the colour.
2. In a blender jar, add yogurt, water, saffron, cardamom, sugar, ice cubes and half of the butter.
3. Blend it for a few seconds. Pour it into a tall glass. Top it with the remaining butter and serve immediately!


1. The butter which is added while blending will be in bits and will float on top. So, you will have a buttery, creamy top layer. You can add more butter to have a thicker creamy layer if you like.
2. Add more water if you like thinner Lassi.

It tastes best when served cold.

Enjoy! Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sweet Lime Soda

When ever I listen to Indian news these days, there is always some piece about the relentless heat that is scorching most parts of India. Luckily, I live in a country where the temperature barely soars over mid twenties. Most of the time it varies between pleasant to cold(or to very cold). I have almost forgotten how it feels to be in 40 degrees and I have no wish to experience the same.

To beat the heat, most people like to have chilled drinks and one of the most popular drink in India is Sweet Lime Soda. I will rank it only second to fresh sugar cane juice. Sweet Lime Soda is nothing but sweet lemonade that uses soda water instead of plain water. A special blend of spices is often used and the resultant is often termed as Masala Soda. Here I have used a blend of roasted cumin and black pepper but, I have strained it as I don't like bits of spices in my drink. You may however choose not to strain it. Lets see how I make this summer delight drink.

500ml of soda water ( I use half plain water and half soda water)
1/4 to 1/2 cup sugar (Adjust to taste)
1/2 tsp black salt
1/2 tsp roasted cumin powder
1/4 tsp black pepper powder
1/4 cup lemon/lime juice
1/4 cup water
Slices of lime/lemon and mint sprig to garnish
Ice cubes as needed

1. Mix all the ingredients except the soda water. Stir till all the sugar is dissolved. Strain and divide equally in 4 glasses with ice cubes.
2. Top it up with soda water. Stir and serve immediately if you want to enjoy the fizziness of soda water. Best served chilled.

Linking it to my event - Cool Summer Sips. The last date of the same has been extended to 30th July.

Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mint Ginger Lemonade

I have a love and hate relationship with Irish summers. Irish summers for the good part are not sunny but rainy, and the rain is not torrential but dripping and drizzling all the time. That is the part I hate. When it sunny the crowd throngs to the parks to bask in the sun and suddenly and unexpectedly, it will rain and everyone will run for a make shift shelter or open their umbrellas. You can't do without an umbrella in your bag in this country. The month of March had been great weather wise, spring felt like real summer but April has been rather cool and rainy. But, I don't really look at the weather when I want to indulge in something cold. I can have an ice cream with a blanket around me and sip a cool drink even though the weather is not ideal for it. And that is exactly what I am doing now.

For Blog Hop Wednesdays, my partner is Vidya who blogs at kurryleaves and I chose this cool drink to try out from her blog.

Mint Ginger Lemonade


Juice of 1 lemon, about 3-4 tbsp
15-20 mint leaves
1 inch peice of ginger
400 ml chilled water
Ice cubes as needed
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 tsp black salt

1. Add 60 ml water, mint leaves, lemon juice, sugar and salt and whiz it in a blender to a fine puree. Sieve to get the juice and discard the waste.
2. Divide the juice in2-3 glasses equally. Add ice cubes and top it up with rest of the water and stir. Serve chilled.
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Thank you for stopping by. Cheers!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thandai ~ Spicy Almond Milk ~ Making Thandai Syrup From Scratch ~ Holi Special

It was only sometimes back when we were celebrating New Year and now already 2 months of the new year have passed by and March is here. One thing to look forward to in this month is the Indian festival of Holi. I had ranted a bit about it here last year. I have already geared up with a list of dishes to be prepared for this festival. 

To start off I have made this Thandai. This recipe comes from one of my favorite blogger, Rachana. I had bookmarked this recipe long back, but didn't make it till now since I didn't have the rose petal spread - gulkand, at hand. You can leave it out, but I wanted to follow the recipe to the T. So, I brought it on my last India visit. This recipe is unique from other on the web, cos Rachana gives a step by step method to make thandai syrup which last for months and once it is made, thandai can be whipped up in no time. I can safely say that I am going to make it again when my present stock of thandai syrup is over. Lets hop over tot he recipe.

Recipe Source: Veggi Fare


1/2 cup almonds, soaked overnight and blanched

Mix and soak these ingredients together overnight

2 tbsp poppy seeds
2 dried melon seeds

Soak these ingredients in ¼ cup of water and then grind it

1/2 tbsp green cardamom
3 tbsp whole black pepper 
1 tbsp fennel seeds

4 cups caster sugar
1 1/4 cup water
2-3 tbsp rose petal spread, gulkand (I used one made by my Grand Mother, you can use store bought as well)
25-30 strands saffron (Rub it in a pestle and mortar with  a few drops of water before adding to syrup for color)
1 tsp rose water
a good pinch of cardamom powder
a good pinch of pepper powder

  1. Grind together the blanched almonds, poppy seeds and melon seeds using very little water. Strain through a muslin cloth and extract all the liquid and keep aside. 
  2. Add the rose petal spread to the ground cardamom-pepper-fennel mixture and mix well. Strain through a muslin cloth and extract all the liquid and keep aside. Discard the residue.
  3. Mix both the extracted liquids and keep aside.
  4. Meanwhile add the 4 cups of sugar and 1 1/4th cup of water in a deep pan and cook until the sugar dissolves. Bring to boil and simmer for a couple of minutes. Remove from the heat and let it cool for a couple of minutes. Add the extracted liquid to it and stir.
  5. Heat it again and bring it to a boil and then turn the heat to medium and simmer for 7-10 minutes, stirring constantly.
  6. Remove from the heat and cool till warm and then add the saffron strands or rubbed saffron mixture, cardamom powder, pepper powder and rose water and mix well.
  7. When the thandai syrup completely cools down store it in sterilized bottle/bottles. It will keep well for months.

1. If sugar crystals are formed while cooling the Thandai Syrup, add ½ cup of boiling water to it and stir.

2. I didn't rub the saffron before adding to the syrup so, it did not give out much color, but the flavor was there.

To prepare thandai to serve 1, add 2-3 tsp of the prepared syrup to 200 ml of cold milk and whiz in a blender. Garnish it with chopped nuts. Add ice if you like and serve cold immediately.

Linking it to Holi Fest at Sizzling Tastebuds and Summer Spunk at TomatoBlues

Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Orange Spritzer ~ Homemade Fanta ~ India Calling!

Finally the day is few hours away!

Some times back, I had mentioned in one of my post that I will be going to India soon and that is the day I am talking about. I am flying to India tomorrow! Yayy!

Days have been busy of late, as I had been preparing for this trip. Finishing reading books I had brought from library, returning unfinished books, shopping, preparing lists for India shopping, packing and preparing the home for DH as he will be making this trip 2 weeks later, cooking things to finish up vegetables from my pantry (and clicking them as well, watch out this space for recipes in coming days)! So, this space has been silent for a couple of days now. 

Today I have chosen to post this refreshing orange drink which I like to call Orange Spritzer, When, I served this to my DH, he said it is just like Fanta! To add a little here, we both love Fanta!

The recipe is very simple. You will need:

200ml of freshly squeezed orange juice.(About 3 oranges).
1 tbsp lemon juice.
6-8 ice cubes
3-4 tbsp sugar(as per your taste or the sweetness of the oranges)
120 ml or more chilled soda water.
Sprig of mint to decorate.

Serves 2


1. In a jar mix add orange juice,lemon juice and sugar. Stir well.
2. Add ice cubes to two tall glasses. Pour the prepared mixture.
3. Top it with chilled soda water and stir. Add a sprig of mint and serve immediately!Enjoy!

This drink is perfect for hot days. Perfect to beat the heat. Here is one glass for you!

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers. 
P.S. I will be back soon with posts from India. Till I write again, stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blog Hop Wednesdays 1 ~ Cranberry Lemonade ~ From RedSpice!

Come Wednesday and here is my first entry to the brand new event, Blog Hop Wednesday started by Radhika. This week I am paired with Madhusmita of Redspice and I have tried this Cranberry Lemonade from her blog. I loved her space and really liked the way she gives the background information about all the dishes she posts.

As it is evident from this  my previous post, I love lemonade. Unlike, my blueberry lemonade this is much quicker as one doesnot have to prepare the syrup. Of course, if you wish you can using fresh cranberries. Infact, it is already in my to-make list when these berries are in season. Only thing I tweaked was I did not use frozen lemonade for making it. Instead I made the lemonade myself.

Here comes the recipe:

250 ml cold water.
3 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp lemon juice.
150 ml craberry juice.
A slice of lemon to decorate and ice cubes.


1. Stir in the sugar in the water and let it dissolve (I didn't go for heating it).

2. Add the lemon juice.

3. Before serving add the cranberry juice and stir well. Add the lemon slice and ice cubes.

4. Serve cold.

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Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lemonade With a Twist ~ Blueberry Lemonade ~ Making It From Scratch!

Summer for me is the time to indulge in cool delights and cool drinks tops my list. One of the most frequently made drink in my house is Indian Lemonade or Sikanji. Infact, it is one of the few simple things I had learned to make as a child. But, sometimes making the same drink every time you have an urge for a cool drink is monotonous. So, I look forward to trying out new things. Blueberry Lemonade is one such creation. It is simple lemonade with homemade blueberry syrup stirred into it, giving a merrier, berrier, lemony cool drink.

Sometimes, when I run out of the homemade bluberry syrup, I mix little blueberry jam with water and strain and use it in instead. I know that sounds weird, but it also tastes good! I am not sure how good it is nutritionally, so I won't encourage you to do the same. But, at times this trick has served my purpose ;-)!

The blueberry syrup can be made in advance and can be refrigerated for 1-2 months. We can also substitute blueberries with other berries to get a variety of flavoured lemonade. But, personally blueberry is my favorite.

Blueberries are very good for health.
~ They are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are understood to help neutralise the harmful free radicals that can cause cancer and other serious dieseases. They also help reduce cholesterol.
~ Blueberries are rich in potassium, which is known to regulate blood pressure.
~ Having a bowl of blueberries will keep your stomach happy and bowels clear.

These berries can be easily frozen and can be kept frozen for 5-6 months in zip lock bags.

How to freeze bluberries or any other berries?

Wash the berries and pat dry. Pick any over ripe or rotten berries from the lot. Make sure the berries are completely dry. Spread them in a single layer on a plate and cover it with a cling film and freeze over night. Take them out next day and fill them in a zip lock bag. Squeeze out any air and lock the bag and freeze again. Use as needed.

Coming back to the recipe, lets first prepare the blueberry syrup:

1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries.
5-6 tbsp sugar.
75ml water.
2 tbsp lemon juice.


1. In a saucepan all the berries, sugar and water and bring it to boil. The berries will start to burst. Turn the heat to medium and add lemon juice.

2. Simmer for 15-20 minutes. Turn off the gas.

3. Let it cool completely. When cooled churn it in a blender and seive the mixture to get rid of any residue.

4. Store in a sterilized jar and keep it in the fridge. Use as needed.

For the blueberry lemonade:

Serves 4


450ml of water
Juice of 1 lemon (3-4 tbsp, adjust to taste).
5-6 tbsp sugar (Adjust to taste).
A good pinch of black salt.
7-8 ice cubes (optional).

4 tbsp blueberry syrup.


Mix everything together and stir till the sugar dissolves. Keep aside.

For blueberry lemonade stir in 4 tbsp of bluberry syrup into it and serve!

Enjoy this delicious cool treat this summer! One last peek!

Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mango Mania ~ Mango Lassi/ Mango Smoothie!

Lassi is a yogurt based drink from Punjab, India. It can be either sweet or salted or flavoured with fruit. It is usually served chilled as a refreshment during summer days. Mango being in season, this Mango Lassi is currently at the top of my drink list. It is best to use ripe, sweet Alphonso mangoes when available or you can use canned mango pulp as well. I prefer to use fresh mangoes.

Mango is a nutritionally very rich fruit. Read this to know the benefits of this exotic tropical fruit. Coming back to the recipe, here is what you will need to blend a yummy Mango Lassi.


Flesh of 1 ripe mango chopped.
150 ml low fat yogurt.
150 ml water
2 cardamom pod seeds freshly powdered.
Sugar to taste.
Ice cubes (Optional)


Add all the ingredients in a blender and churn till smooth. Sieve it to remove any fibre and adjust the sugar as per your taste and the sweetness of mango. Serve chilled. It like it reasonably thick, add more water if you like thinner.
Linking it to Fun N Sun , Seasonal Indulgence Series- Summer Coolers , Only Mocktails and Coolers . The 'Only series' is a brain child of Pari Also linking it to Healing food Sukham Coolers, this event is the brain child of Siri

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!
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