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Friday 18 November 2011

'Lucky Library Picks'- Come Play Along!

This idea had been brimming in my mind for quite sometime now and finally I decided to give it a go. I depend a lot on my local library for supplies of my books. Well, I do buy books but a large chunk of my reading list comes from the library. Sometimes, when I find a book in the library that I had been longing to read, I feel elated and it makes my day. That is how this idea took shape- Lucky Library Picks.

Pages is going to complete one year in a few days, so I thought it is a good time to start a meme.

Here is what it is - every Alternate Friday, post a list of the books that you picked up from the library and felt it was a lucky pick. Yes, it is that simple. You will have to link it to this page and leave a comment on my lucky library picks post that week with your link, so that I can find out what your lucky library picks are! If you share an picture of the same, it would be great but of course, it is not mandatory. However use of this logo is mandatory as it helps spreading the word.

So, here are my Lucky Library Pick for this week.

The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson.
Last Man In Tower by Aravind Adiga.
Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer.

Come, play along and share your lucky library picks!

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

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