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Tuesday 31 January 2012

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer ~ #3 Twilight Series

Eclipse, the third book of the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer and it is by far the most interesting book of the series I have read so far- fast paced, happening and truly a page turner!

If you really want to enjoy a book in a series, you should always start from the first book of the series as the story begins there and keeps on building on it and many a times there are references in the later books of some incidents in the former books. The same is the fact with Eclipse. The story starts more or less from where it was left in the second book. With the kind of luck Bella has, danger can't be away from her for a long time. So, we find her again in mortal danger and even with the gifted abilities her vampire friends have, they are unable to find out who is the enemy in the present context. That adds to the uncertainty, thrill and suspense in the novel which keeps on building and keeps the reader glued to the book till they have turned the last page. As I said, a lot is happening in this book. Unlike the former books in the series I didn't find a dull moment. Of course, Jacob Black adds to complexities and problems in Bella's life and Bella is forever in dilemma about how she feels for him.

I know a few people who hated the 'Twilight Series' and some who loved it. I can safely say I fall in the later group. But, among the characters, I like Jacob more than others. Edward is too perfect and Bella is somewhat flawed and weak. I find Jacob's emotions more human and can relate to them better. I hope to read the next book in the series soon. I find the series entertaining, if nothing else.

You can find the review of the previous book of the series here and here.

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  1. As I said earlier, Eclipse is my favorite among the 4 from this series. If I were to answer why, I would say it is because of the way the characters are made to confront each other, and a solid foundation to the myths and mysteries are provided by the legends which unfold in this book. Bella remains my favorite character because I identify with her clumsiness.

    I am so glad Jyoti that you are not one of those who find pleasure in reviling this series. I am a PROUD Twilight Lover.

    Nice review :)

  2. I too have been waiting to read this book.. But one advice was that, buy the whole set becoz it will be very interesting.. i still need to buy the whole series.. hoping to read it within this year.. Your review was very good


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