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Friday 20 January 2012

A Tag and some things about me!

Let me just stick to the point, I am very happy to receive 'The Versatile Blogger' tag from a lovely blogger friend- Bhargavi. I love her blog ( and I am not saying this for the sake of it). Her blog is an epitome of creative art, beautiful sketches, thorough book reviews and everyday chronicles. Thank you for tagging me, I feel really honoured. Since this is my first tag it is really special.

But this tag comes with some rules and they are the real fun part of it and tough part of it as well.

The rules of the award are as follows:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award (Thank You Bhargavi)
2. Share 7 Random facts about yourself
3. Nominate 15 other bloggers and inform them of the same
4. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post

Here are 7 things about me:

- I love reading. Bookstores and libraries are the places for me and I can be there for hours without noticing the time.
- I am a cleanliness and orderliness freak. I hate it when someone dries his hand and leaves the towel crumpled. (You know who I am talking about.)
- I had NO interest in cooking before marriage. I would not be found anywhere near it then. Things are different now, cooking was a necessity when I began, it's an area that I am too eager to explore.
- Baking is therapeutic for me. It is a stress buster. When I am happy, I bake to celebrate and when I am not happy, I bake to uplift my mood.
- I love cooking more than eating.
- I love raw tomatoes and can have them as a meal (Weird... But then it's me!)
- I am an absolute zero when it comes to makeup & fashion sense.

Listing out these 7 bullet points for myself was tough. But, I did manage to pull it off! Yayy!

I would like to pass this award to some of my favourite bloggers:

Rachana of Veggi Fare
This is one blog I follow religiously. Her space is full of innovative, interesting, delicious and healthy recipes. A must space for any food lover!

Puja of US Masala.
A den of lip-smacking recipes with drool-worthy pictures. I have literally bookmarked all her recipes.

Smita of Books, Life and More.
One of the most popular blog around. Her posts are refreshing and fun to read. I loved her 'Senseless Saturday' series and I hope she does more posts on that series again!

Hema of Tell A Story My Way.
One of the first book blog I started following. I have picked a number of books after reading her reviews.

Lindy of LindaLouMac Book Reviews.
She is a veteran book lover and her book reviews are very informative. A must for book lovers.

Saumya of Nascent Emissions
This is one blog I started following recently. Her posts on varied subjects including books are food for thought.

Priya of Tabula Rasa.
Another must blog for book lovers!

Anamika of Taste Junction
A passionate food blogger and baker and a budding photographer. I am awed by her poetic creations and I hope she creates a blog to share them with the world.

Gayathri of My Pressure Cooker
 A fun, bubbly blogger who blogs about food, loves reading books. I hope she blogs more often!

Sandhya of Maradhi Manni
A blog I recently discovered and spent a lot of digging into her posts. You have to visit her space.

Vibha of Literary Sojourn
Her space is a haven for book lovers. I have picked up a lot of books after her recommendation and they have made to my favourites list.

Abhinav of Serendipity
He strikes me as an adventurous person, in love with life and all it has to offer. His thought-provoking posts are food for the soul. His love for running is commendable!

Pavithra of Dishes From My Kitchen
You will be dazzled by the pictures on her blog, they are a treat for your eyes. A passionate foodie and an awesome photographer.

Vardhini of Zesty Palette
Another food blog, I have started following recently. She has a great collection of recipes and the pictures will definitely make you hungry.

15. Harini of Tongueticklers.
A vegan food blog, I have been silently following for some time now. Her photographic skills are awe-inspiring!

Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!


  1. Thanks so much for your kind words!! Will surely follow the rules!

  2. We are so alike! :D Okay, not the second point. I'm not a cleanliness freak. I'm messy :P And since I'm not married, that one is out too. But for the rest, I harbor the same feelings :D I ♥ raw tomatoes!
    Kavi (Edible Entertainment)
    Ongoing Event:(Kid's Delight - Something Sweet)

  3. The wonderful pictures of the food recipes points to,"I am a cleanliness and orderliness freak"

    Thanks for tagging

  4. Thank you thank you!
    I am going to follow the rules, for sure :)
    Your seven points reflect that your life is all about cooking and books. Sigh. I wish I am half as good a homemaker are you when I get married.

  5. Thanks a ton Jyoti for the tag and I too sincerely hope I blog more.. :-)

  6. Thanks for doing the tag . I am a cleanliness freak too and started cooking only after getting married.

  7. Thanks for tagging me, Jyoti! I have got a few tags pending to finish! Will do this in time! Almost all my readers are tagged and some, twice. I am also tagged for this, already! I wonder how I would get 15 people to do the tag!

    I used to be a bookworm. Nowadays, I read books very rarely.

    Nice to know that you love cooking now! I learnt all my cooking after marriage! Husband was the scapegoat!

    Baking is interesting...I didn't know that it is a stress buster too!

    Nice to know you, Jyoti!

  8. Thanks for tagging me and will follow the rules. Loved reading more about you.

  9. Hi Jyoti, we connected a little while ago thru this page and my cookign blog. I was naive in not realizing I could blog and read with other readers. I got inspired after seeing this post. Check out my new blog if you get a chance.


  10. Thanks for tagging me Jyoti. I also have the same story as far as cooking is concerned. It was good to know more about you through this post...

  11. Wow jyoti, I didnt know we had so much in common.. the baking part is a stress buster, esp when the result is good.. the icing is even more relaxing, when the brain starts becoming creative.. Makeup and styling is a zero for me too.. Thanks for the award and tag.. And I have done it on time too :))

  12. Thanks so much for tagging me, the thought and comment were much appreciated I hope you forgive me for not joining in though.

  13. Thanks a lot for tagging me and for all the kind words.

    I did not know anything about cooking before marriage either, in fact my reputation is still so bad in my extended family, that they find it really hard to believe, even today, that I could cook :-)

    Baking is something which I enjoy, It is a stress buster indeed.

    I do love eating but in very small portions and I really enjoy cooking for others.

    I am a cleanliness freak too :-)

    Make up and me are nowhere near to each other...

    Nice to know you, Jyoti :-)


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