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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Miss Masala by Mallika Basu ~ A Cookbook Review

"Miss Masala"

Isn't that a catchy name?

It is and so is this cookbook with its style- the presentation of recipes, the colors this books is laden with and the way this cook book is written. Actually, it is more than just a cookbook.

I have been writing book reviews and sharing recipes of food I make/experiment with on this space for quite sometimes, so I thought, it would be good idea to do reviews of the cook books I often buy/pick up from the library. And here I am with my first cookbook review on this blog and let me tell you, I am finding it a more daunting task than my usual book reviews.

I believe, one can't review a cook book just by reading it, one has to actually try a couple of recipes to actually see how they work. Miss Masala by Mallika Basu has a very balanced content of both vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes. Since, I am a vegetarian my views are based on the vegetarian content only. Unlike, many other Indian cookbooks which are published in the west, Miss Masala has a wide range of Vegetarian recipes which is a delight for me. From the comfort food like Aloo Gobhi, Tadka Dal, Rajma, Channa Masala, Matar Paneer to the exotic Navratan Korma, Paneer Butter Masala, it has an array of recipes to please your palette. Even street food like Pav Bhaaji, Pakora, Chaats etc finds a place in the menu, not to mention the variety of Indian breads, side dishes, chutneys and sweets.

Just as is mentioned on the cover of the book - 'Real Indian Cooking for Busy Living', the author shares tips on quick Indian cooking, from what pastes and sauces can be made and freezed for later use, to which dishes can be prepared in bulk and deep freezed to be eaten later. This book has everything a new and inquisitive beginner in Indian cooking needs: glossary of spices, gadgets and utensils needed etc.

The book is very colourful and is presented in the style of a notebook. The author has also shared anecdotes about her cooking experience. Her writing style and the way this cookbook has been formatted seems to be reflective of her personality- smart, charming and witty. Only thing I would have liked to change would be the author's persistent banter about her fear of getting drunk even before entertaining her guests!

I have tried two dishes from this book, Kulfi and Bhapa Doi  (recipes to follow in later posts) and I am satisfied with the results. I am very much looking forward to trying her Cheese Bonda and Naan recipe.

As the author is Bengali, I was expecting to see a quick recipe for the famous Bengali sweet- Sandesh. But, there I was disappointed. Also, had there been more pictures in the cookbook, I would have liked it more.

For anyone interested in learning Quick Indian Cooking, this book is a good choice.

Tuesday 28 February 2012

#28 Teaser Tuesdays- The Playgroup by Janey Fraser

"Gemma shivered. Kitty was the only one who knew her secret. The only one aware how important this December was to her."

Page: 85

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page

BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! Share the title & author, too, so that others can add the book to their TBR Lists!

Saturday 25 February 2012

Cliff Walking @ Howth ~ A Picture Post for Saturday Snapshot!

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Alyce of At Home With Books. It’s easy to participate – just post a picture that was taken by you, a friend, or a family member and add your link on Alyce’s site.

Howth is an area in Fingal County near Dublin city in Ireland.  It has one of the most picturesque and panoramic views of the sea.We went there for cliff walking last week. Here are some pictures:

 Howth Head standing tall and majestically

Different Shades of Blue

 Can you spot the people?

 Howth Head again (taken in Sepia mode)

Friday 24 February 2012

Lucky Library Picks#8 ~ The Indian Clerk by David Leavitt

This week for Lucky Library Picks, I have picked only one book. My book shelf is overflowing with books from the library. Some of the books I had bought during my India visit are still waiting to be read. I thought it would be better to clear the backlog of books before picking more from the library.

I have picked up 'The Indian Clerk' by David Leavitt this week. Of late, I am really inclined to pick books which has an Indian element in it, hence this pick.
I am quoting a little from the blurb to give an insight about what the book is:

"On a January morning in 1913, G. H. Hardy--eccentric, charismatic and, at thirty-seven, already considered the greatest British mathematician of his age--receives in the mail a mysterious envelope covered with Indian stamps. Inside he finds a rambling letter from a self-professed mathematical genius who claims to be on the brink of solving the most important unsolved mathematical problem of all time. Hardy determines to learn more about the mysterious Ramanujan and, if possible, persuade him to come to Cambridge. It is a decision that will profoundly affect not only his own life, and that of his friends, but the entire history of mathematics." 

Isn't that intriguing? I have read a few reviews of this book and many suggests that it needs a patient reading, but in the end it is worth it. I am really looking forward to reading it. 

Thank you for stopping by! Cheers! 

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Apple and Dried Cranberry Chutney

 I had seen this chutney recipe in one of Nigella's show and tried out instantly. It was long time back and since then I have been making it regularly. I love it. Try it to check yourself ; pretty easy and delicious.. Although it can be made with any type of apples, I prefer to use Granny Smith Apples only; as stated in the original recipe as they are tart and that adds to the tangy taste of the chutney. Lets move on to the recipe:

Apple and Dried Cranberry Chutney
Click here for printable version


2 granny smith apples, peeled cored and diced.
¼ cup dried sweetened cranberries.
2 tbsp oil.
½ tsp nigella seeds.
1 green chilli (optional).
salt to taste.
1 tbsp sugar (optional).
¼ tsp dried ginger powder
¼ tsp turmeric powder.
½ tsp red chili powder.
½ tsp coriander powder.
½ tsp cumin powder.
2 tbsp lemon juice (or vinegar).


1. Heat oil in a pan and add the nigella seeds and green chilli.

2. Now add the chopped apples, cranberries and all the spices, sugar and salt. Let it cook in a slow flame. The apples will cook and give out it juices as it get cooked. It will take about 15 minutes.

3. Mash them and add lemon juice in the end.

4. Let it cool completely before storing in a sterilized jar. Keep well for up to 7days.

Have it with parathas or rotis. Also goes well as dip for chips or spread for toast.

1. Cranberries can be replaced by raisins, sultanas or dried cherries.
2. This recipe can also be tried in a microwave.

 Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!

Saturday 18 February 2012

Home by Manju Kapur

I had read a good lot about the author, Manju Kapur and hence when I saw this book in the library I picked it up.
Home by Manju Kapur is a tale of three generations, of a traditional cloth merchant family in Delhi. After braving the partition the family had to leave Lahore and start their lives anew in Delhi. The novel chronicles their lives through three generations and how with the changing times the traditions and values of the family were put to test and changed to accommodate in the modern world.

Here is the blurb from the book:

"When their traditional Delhi business-selling saris- is threatened by the new fashion for jeans and stitched salwar kameez, the Banwari Lal family knows it must adapt to the changing world outside. But can it change, when tensions at home are so strong? so, begins a series of struggles- to have children, to find education or love, even to manufacture pickles- that will see the family tested to its limits."

I found the novel frustrating. The narration is slow and their is an aura of gloom, doom and resignation throughout the novel. In fact the whole story line seemed to be of one of the drab Hindi soap opera. The characters are well sketched, but none of them will make a place in your mind. The over-all feeling, while reading it was overwhelmingly negative and it took me quite a long time to read it. I just kept on reading this book with the hope that something will happen in the end. But, even the end took me for surprise by being so dull, it just ended for the sake of it!

I have seen some reviews of it saying it is 'insightful' and anyone interested in knowing Indian culture and traditions should read it. I DO NOT think so. The impression this book gives about Indian society is one side of the story, almost like half truth which is dangerous. India is huge and traditions, food, language etc changes when you travel from one state to another. The problems and issues narrated in the novel may be relatable to many but that is not similar to understanding the essence of Indian culture.

It was a dull, boring and unenthusiastic read. Not recommended.

Linking it to A2ZChallenge for Letter H and South Asian Challenge.

Friday 17 February 2012

Besan ki Puri ~ Crispy Chickpea Flour Crackers

These 'besan ki puri' is my childhood favorite. It was one of those special breakfast mom used to make once in a while and each of us used to get no more than 2. Fresh off the pan and served with a hot cup of ginger tea, it was unbelievably tasty. It keeps well for a few days, so whenever we went to Rajasthan to visit my grand parents during the winter holidays, it was made in good numbers for the train journey(from Assam it took 2 days in those day as there was no direct trains). I have made it on my own a couple of times and every time I call mom up to confirm the process and measurements. When I saw Gayathri's event -Walk through the memory lane, I thought to share this recipe.


1¼ cup whole wheat flour.
¼ cup AP flour
2 tbsp oil
1 tsp salt.
Water to make the dough.

For the filling:

½ cup chick pea flour (Besan).
2 tbsp dried fenugreek leaves.
2 tsp coriander seeds lightly crushed
1 tsp red chilli powder.
3- 4 tbsp oil.
1 chopped green chilli or as per taste.
½ tsp turmeric powder
2 tsp water.
1 ½ tsp salt or as per taste.
Oil for shallow frying.


1. Mix whole wheat flour, AP flour, salt, oil and knead the dough using water as necessary. Dough must be a little tough as for the puris. Let it sit for 15 mins before rolling.

2. For the filling masala, heat a pan and add the oil. When the oil is ready, add the chick pea flour and heat it for 2-3 mins such the raw smell goes away. Do not overdo it, or the mixture will become very dry.

3. Turn off the gas and add all the spices. Sprinkle a few drops of water over the mixture and using your hand rub it to mix it well. The filling mixture should be moist yet crumbly. This is very important; otherwise it will be a little problem in rolling the puris with filling inside.

4. Now knead the dough well again and make 8 Golf size balls. Using some dry flour roll it into a roti about 3cm in radius.

5. Using a spoon place 1 tbsp of masala in the middle. Join the edges and close it forming a ball.
 Roll it again about 6 cm in radius.
6. Keep a heated tava ready. Heat the roti on tava, when one side is done turn it over and heat on the other side. Brush oil in the top side and turn it over again. Brush oil on the other side as well. Apply pressure with a big spoon while heating. It will help it to become crisp.
7. Repeat the process with rest of the dough. Place the puris on a paper towel separately and let it cool completely before storing.
It is an excellent snack with tea and even goes well with yogurt. It can be stored in air tight container for at least 7 days. How ever, it does become a little soft after storing, still it is great in taste.
Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!

Thursday 16 February 2012

Dalkey To Killiney ~ A Beautiful Coastal Walk on a Sunny Day ~ A Picture Post To Feed My Blog

 I have been away from this space for a while. It has not been that long, still I feel guilty for not having updated it for the past few days. I hope, all of you who celebrates Valentine's day had a great time. With Valentine's day around the corner, the big debate on the importance of this day was everywhere, from TV to Newspapers, Twitter, Facebook et al and now that the day is gone, the debate is behind closed doors, only to make an appearance next year.

I belong to the type who doesn't fuss over the day too much, although I wouldn't mind an exchange of a few gifts and a good dinner at home or outside wouldn't hurt. Still, I didn't plan anything big for that day. Even if I had planned it wouldn't have materialized. You would ask why? Well, I fell down a couple of stairs and sprained my ankle on the day and had a real bad head ache after wards, and later DH had to settle for food from a takeaway joint! My only face saver was that, I had baked a special cake over the weekend and DH got to eat some left overs of it as dessert. We had a great time last weekend though. Sunday was a sunny day and we went for a coastal walk from Dalkey to Killiney.

Dalkey and Killiney are two suburban areas in South Dublin. It is best to take such walks on a sunny day, the sea looks stunningly beautiful and all in all it is a refreshing and memorable experience.

I will let the pictures do rest of the talking! The day was bright, cheerful and sunny at the start as you can see in the first picture.

The sky and the sea were a different shades of blue. It was serene and very soothing for the eyes and mind. It was great to have a good bright day in the month of February. It was a rare privilege to have bright blue day after so many grey, overcast days!

There was a narrow lane in between that lead to the sea. We went down and sat in a clearing. The sound of the sea was mesmerizing.
Yes that's me! Time for ice cream :-)!
There was a small beach downhill by the name of white rock and we spent some time there. But, by that time the sun was playing hide and seek and grey clouding were crowding the sky from all directions!

I took the picture on my way up from the White Rock Beach. It was over cast by the time we left as you can see in the picture below. But, it was great day, refreshing and memorable!
Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!

Saturday 11 February 2012

Eggless Molten Lava Chocolate Cake Recipe | How to Bake Eggless Molten Lava Chocolate Cake | Valentine Day Recipes

Eggless Molten Lava Chocolate Cake Recipe | A warm chocolate cake that oozes melted chocolate as lava. Perfect for Valentine's day.
Eggless Molten Lava Chocolate Cake #Recipe

Eggless Molten Lava Chocolate Cake is a perfect dessert to please your valentine. A warm chocolate cake that oozes chocolate lava - ah, pure bliss.

February is associated with love often and why not when Valentine's day falls in this month. We are not valentines-day-kind-couple and do not fuss over it too much. The only thing I like to do on this day is to bake a special cake. When it comes to cakes, DH, who is otherwise an ardent chocoholic, loves vanilla flavoured ones and I prefer chocolate! So, I am still in a dilemma what to make but I have my eyes on this one, maybe I can combine vanilla and chocolate in one!

I made this molten lava cake a few days back when I was craving for a chocolatey dessert. Paired with a scoop of vanilla, it was awesome. If you want to make something simple yet delicious, try this simple recipe this Valentine's Day.

I first came across this recipe while watching Master Chef India. I didn't make a note of it at that time but later found the video on you-tube. I have tweaked the recipe a bit and have halved the recipe to yield 2 servings.

Eggless Molten Lava Chocolate Cake Recipe | A warm chocolate cake that oozes melted chocolate as lava. Perfect for Valentine's day.

Eggless Molten Lava Chocolate Cake 


1/2 cup All Purpose Flour / Maida
2 tbsp cocoa flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4cup yoghurt
1/4 sugar
1/4 cup melted butter
1/2 cup milk
3 tbsp chocolate chopped.
1/2 tsp vanilla extract.

Eggless Molten Lava Chocolate Cake Recipe | A warm chocolate cake that oozes melted chocolate as lava. Perfect for Valentine's day.

1. Grease 2 ramekins and dust it with flour.
2. Sieve the flour. baking powder, baking soda and cocoa powder together and set aside.
3. Mix butter, sugar, yoghurt and vanilla extract, till well incorporated.
4. Now add the flour mixture into the butter mixture half at a time. Add milk and whisk to get a smooth batter.
5. Fill the ramekins a little less than half and place the chopped chocolates in the middle of the batter equally. Now cover it with the remaining batter, filling it a little lower than the brim. I still had some batter left and I poured it into a small greased ramekin.
6. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 C for 13-15 minutes.
7. After removing it from oven, wait for 10 minutes and let it cool, run a knife around the edges of the ramekins and invert it on a plate. Chocolate lava will ooze out! Serve with vanilla ice cream.


Do not be too generous with chocolate, otherwise, you will end up with too much of lava and the cake will not come out of the ramekin. I had done that when I had baked it for the first time :-)!

Eggless Molten Lava Chocolate Cake Recipe | A warm chocolate cake that oozes melted chocolate as lava. Perfect for Valentine's day. 
Linking it to Srivalli's Chocolate Mela,  Vardhini's Sweet Love, Sizzling Tastebuds' Valentine Fest Served with love, Valentine day special at Annzcafe and Radhika's Lets Cook - Sweet Something

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Friday 10 February 2012

Lucky Library Picks # 7

Today is Lucky Library Picks Friday and I am up with my Lucky Picks. As I already have a number of books to be read from the library, I didn't want to pick too many books again, even though I was very much tempted to.  So, I have picked up only one book, The Help by Katherine Stockett.

 Visit any book store these day, this book is promptly displayed everywhere. I have heard great reviews about it and hence couldn't help picking it up. I didn't see the movie only because, I wanted to read this book. I am really looking forward to it.

Thursday 9 February 2012

Forgetfulness Episodes

Yes, I do tend to forget a lot these days. And mind you, I am not really that OLD when you can start associating forgetfulness with age. Let me tell you a few of my forgetfulness episodes and do tell me if you have faced similar situations.

The other day I came home and switched on my bedroom light and realized that the bulb has fused. I made a mental note to go downstairs and buy one immediately (We live in an area where the supermarkets are just walking distance). Then I went to the living room, read a book for a while and then headed to the kitchen. I was so engrossed in cooking that I forgot all about the bulb. It was only when DH came home (quite late), I realized I had forgotten about the bulb. Anyway, I thought I would buy one first thing in the morning. That didn't happen. The day passed and towards the evening, I went to the supermarket ONLY to buy the BULB. I browsed stuff, checked what is on offer and bought a number of things. I came back home and when I entered the bedroom, I realized I didn't buy the BULB but had bought a number of things I didn't need immediately. Yeah! that's me! I went to buy something but came back with a set of things but NOT the thing I went for in first place.

Needless to say, I went again to buy THAT bulb and I made a point to make a list of things to buy on paper before heading  out to the store.

Well, these episodes didn't end here. One fine day, the bulb in my kitchen gave away. I don't know what it is with bulbs in my house these days. But, this time I made a list of things to buy and jotted them in my little diary. I went to the supermarket and bought things, but I FORGOT to check my diary and came back without the BULB. Now that is heights of forgetfulness! Well, the bulb episodes, for now, have ended here as no other BULB has given away after that. But, my forgetfulness episodes doesn't end here. I keep forgetting what DH asks me to do every now and then. And of course, he accuses me, that I forget things he asks me to do but not the ones I want to do, like reading a book. 

Sometimes back, he asked me to fill in a bank slip for rent payment. He had been very busy with his office work at that time and so I was more than happy to do my bit, to help him manage time. I usually keep a some extra bank slips at home, but that day I couldn't find where I had kept them. I decided I would pick one from the bank on my way to work (I work voluntarily for a charity) and since the day was bright and sunny, I decided not to take a bus, but to have a nice walk to my workplace.

The day was bright and the air was cool and I was happy because of the nice weather. I loved the soothing breeze and walked briskly towards my destination. I walked past the church, the canal, the BANK, grafton street and reached my workplace well in time. The day passed and it was by 3.30 in the afternoon, I realized I didn't take the slip from the bank. I promptly called it a day and headed for the bank. On the way, I remembered that I didn't have fresh coriander at home and decided to buy it from the Desi shop opposite the bank, after picking up the slip. The banks here on particular days closes as early as 4 pm, so, I had to hurry. Well, I reached in time, just 5 minutes before the closing time and did my little work. Relief washed over me and happily I headed for home.

Only when I reached home, I realized I didn't stop by the Desi shop. I have a crazy habit of adding coriander leaves to everything I cook. I cringed at the thought of heading out again and almost shouted - Stop Forgetting, but not with a happy face as below!
For all who would advise me to have almonds in the morning, I must tell you, I have already started!

Thank you for stopping by! Cheers

Creamy Mint Dip for Blog Hop Wednesdays and Forgetfulness Episodes

Yesterday started with a bang and I realized it was Wednesday and not just any other Wednesday but a Blog Hop Wednesday. Usually, I compose the blog hop post well in advance, but today I was almost caught off guard. Really, for no reason I can fathom, I suddenly realized that I have not been keeping a track of what day it is? Even after I had scheduled this post for Tuesday! Well the forgetfulness episodes is not just about this but about all the other 101 things I keep forgetting everyday and particularly those things DH categorically asks me to do. 

First thing first. So, when I realized it was blog hop Wednesday, I headed off to my assigned blog (which I have visited a couple of time the past week and have read almost all her posts). But, now I was looking for something that can be prepared in a jiffy. I had already bookmarked this, this and this. Then I had thought of this, but then I didn't have the said biscuit at home. So, finally I zeroed on this recipe as it was the quickest thing possible. I whipped it up, clicked a few pics, kept the dip in the fridge and headed straight to the already appointed engagements of the day. I came back home a little late than planned and was literally starving. This dip and the tortilla chips came to my rescue and in no time, I finished off the bowl clean.

Recipe Source: Pink's Recipe Diary

Greek Yogurt 150 ml
3-4 Mint leaves finely chopped
Salt and sugar to taste
Chili flakes to taste

Note: I have used Greek Yogurt here which is thick and creamy. Instead, you can use hung curd, prepared by spreading the yogurt over muslin cloth lined over a sieve and letting the whey from the yogurt drain away.


Add everything in bowl and mix well. The dip is ready to serve. 
I had it with lightly salted Tortilla Chips

As Pinky puts it, It is a very versatile dip and can be used to spread it on sandwich and I am going to try that soon.  

Do check what other blog hoppers are up with.

I will chronicle my forgetfulness episodes in the next post as it I have ranted a lot here already. Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!

Tuesday 7 February 2012

#27 Teaser Tuesdays ~ Home by Manju Kapoor

 'Just look at her,'murmured her uncle, taken, as everyone must be, by the picture of the sleeping innocence. 'What gave her those nightmares? Something must have happened in your sister's house.'
 Page: 67

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:
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  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page

BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! Share the title & author, too, so that others can add the book to their TBR Lists!

Only Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer

Let me begin by saying, I loved the book.

Jeffrey Archer is a master story teller and in this book, he weaves a tale so unforgettable and as a reader you will be left yearning for more. Only Time Will Tell is a family saga that spans through generations. This the first part of a five volume series, rest of which will be published in the coming years. The main protagonist of this book is a man named Harry Clifton. Harry is introduced as a child, the son of a dock worker, who died in war. His mother is a waitress who toils hard to secure her son's future. Harry is a gifted child and this gift wins him a scholarship to an exclusive boys’ school, which in the time to come will shape his future. As he enters into adulthood, Harry finally learns how his father really died, but the awful truth only leads him to question, was he even his father?

This tale is set in 1920's and later years and the author has captured the era vividly in words. I could almost picture them in my head. The novels also touches many aspects of the social-economical environment of Great Britain at that time- the disparity between the rich and the poor, the dilemma in the minds of the people with World War II around the corner and many more. All the characters are beautifully sculpted but the one that stands out to me is Harry's mother - Maisie. She is an example of perseverance and an epitome of motherly love. It is only for her sacrifices, Harry's life had been different from his father's or uncle's. However, she feels her one thoughtless action has jeopardizes so many lives. If it was not for her, this story would not be written. Mr. Tar is another unforgettable character. He plays a big role in shaping Harry future and to Harry, he was a fatherly figure whom he could turn to for advice. 

The narration in the story shifts through each of the main characters and hence the reader knows the story from various perspective. It makes the story even more engaging. But, the ending of the novel took me for a surprise and I nearly gasped! Needless to say I am really looking forward to the next book in the series. 
My Rating: 4/5

Linking it to A2ZChallenge for Letter O.
Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

Friday 3 February 2012

Sweet Sesame Crackers ~ Til Papdi

 It is always good to have friends and even better if you have friends, who you can share your interests with, like cooking or reading. I am blessed to be surrounded  by like minded people and the joy doubles when I can learn new things from them. This sweet sesame crackers is something I have learned making from my friend M. She had made them and bought to one of our 'Get Togethers'. It was such a great hit and we all enjoyed munching it. M was generous enough to show me how to make it before the day ended. The ones she made for me ended the very next day and since then I have been contemplating to try it on my own.
 After much procrastination, I tried them today and they came out good. Yes, I did call her to confirm the measurement and it is simple enough for any one to give it a try. All you need is sugar, sesame seeds and a little ghee. These sesame seeds crackers are generally made during Makar Sakranti, a festival is celebrated in the month of January. But, you can enjoy munching them at any time.
1/2 cup white sesame seeds
3/8 cup sugar(basically the measure for sugar is 3/4th of sesame seeds)
1 tsp ghee for toasting
2 tbsp sesame seeds and 1 tbsp ghee for dusting and greasing.

Click here for printable version


1. Heat a pan and add ghee for toasting into it. When melted add the sesame seeds and toast for about a minute. The seeds will not change colour. Transfer the seeds into a bowl.
2. Now melt the sugar in the pan. Stir slightly. While the sugar is melting, grease your clean work top area and spread a tbsp of sesame seeds on a small area. Grease your rolling pin as well.
3. When the sugar has melted add the toasted sesame seeds and using a spatula mix mix to form a sugar - sesame lump. Using a spoon put it over the sprinkled sesame seeds work top area. Now put another tablespoon of sesame seeds over the lump and run the rolling pin over it. Try to spread it as thinly as possible and as quickly as possible as it tends to set very quickly. If at any point the dough sticks to the rolling pin grease it again quickly and try sprinkling a little more sesame seeds over the sticky part.
4. After spreading it thinly, run a knife or pizza cutter over it to cut it into pieces. Move the pieces into another plate and cool to room temperature. Store them in an air tight container.

A very good snack to much on, but it can get addictive and in my place it gets over in no time! Linking it to Lets Cook#12 Sweet Somethings
Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!

Wednesday 1 February 2012

Aloo Patakha ~ Spicy Potatoes


It was only a few days back that we were welcoming the new year and now the first month of the new year is already gone. I hope all of you are still sticking to your new year resolutions and implementing all the new plans you had in mind.

I had been trying to eat healthy as much as possible and I hope to continue the trend. When I talk of eating healthy, the first blog that comes to my mind is this. It is an amazing space with a variety of recipes and there is not a single deep fried dish. I have bookmarked and have tried a number of dishes from her space and they turned out every bit delicious! The recipe of today's post comes from there too.

Potatoes are very versatile and I make something of it very often. The day I spotted the very small variety of baby potatoes in the supermarket, I knew instantly what I had to make of them. This dish is versatile too and you can have it as a chat all by itself or as a curry with chapattis. There was a time when I didn't use garlic in my cooking because, I found the smell too overpowering and it was only slowly with time I began to appreciate the flavour it added to dishes. Still, I use it in moderation so that my dishes would have a very subtle garlic flavour. But, this one is an exception. Although I have used less garlic than stated in the original recipe, it has a predominant garlic flavour, which I actually LIKED in this dish. I have made only a few tiny changes to the original recipe, I grilled the boiled potatoes instead of baking them and I reduced the garlic and chilli to my taste and increased the tamarind. Thank you Rachana for this amazing versatile recipe.

Recipe Source: Veggi Fare

Serves 2
400 grams baby potatoes, boiled and peeled
4 tbsp - sunflower oil + to grease the baking tray
1/4 tsp cumin seeds
2 bay leaves
2 tbsp - coriander powder  
3-4tbsp - tamarind pulp
salt  to taste

To be coarsely ground together:
4 cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped  
4 pieces - whole red chillies
2-3 inches of ginger
1 tbsp - cumin seeds 
little water to help in grinding

Lemon juice and loads of finely chopped coriander leaves to garnish

  1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C on grill mode. Grease the baking tray with a little oil. Place the potatoes and mix lightly so that the oil coats the potatoes. 
  2. Place the tray in the upper rack of preheated oven and grill until slightly golden. It took 15 minutes in mine and I tossed them around once in between so that they were grilled uniformly.
  3. Heat oil in a pan, add the cumin seeds, bay leaves and the coarsely ground paste.
  4. Saute the paste on a medium heat for a couple of minutes. Add the coriander powder and salt and cook for another 6-7 minutes on low heat, stirring occasionally. 
  5. Add the baked potatoes. Mix lightly, cover the bowl and let it cook for 10 mins, stirring occasionally. 
  6. Add the tamarind pulp. cover and let cook for another couple of minutes. 
  7. Remove from the heat, but leave the pan covered. To enhance the taste and the flavours, prepare a few hours in advance.
  8. Serve at room temperature, after garnishing with the lemon juice and coriander leaves.

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