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Tuesday 1 May 2012

Cool Summer Sips - An Event Announcement

Summer is here.

How I wish I could say that! Yes, really I mean it. I guess summer has already arrived in most parts of the world but here, it is still so cold. I can't really believe it is already May and still the temperature are in single digit! I am hoping May has something better in store for us.

While I was thinking of a title for this event, I came up with this name- Cool Summer Sips (pun intended, it almost looks like we are going to have a cool summer). But, wait! That's not I am looking for. I love cool drinks, the ones that are perfect for summers - lemonade, spritzers, punch- all cold and icy like this Blueberry Lemonade or this Orange Spritzer or this Mint and Ginger Lemonade. Even icy cold Thandai is refreshing for the parched throat. How about some lip smacking cool shakes and smoothies! So, I want you to churn up some cool summery drinks so that I can at least have a virtual treat.

Here are a few rules of the event, you would like to know:

1. Prepare any cold drink that is perfect for summer.
2. Recipe has to be strict vegetarian.
3. Multiple Entries are welcome. Only fresh entries please. Archived entries are not allowed
4. Please send in your entries starting today, 1st May 2012 till on or before 30th June 2012.  EXTENDED to 30th July 2012.

5. If you are on Facebook, please like my Facebook page  You can find the widget on right column of this space.
6. Bloggers can simply link your entries in the linky tool here or mail it to me with your Name and URL of your recipe at (sethiajyoti119 AT gmail DOT com) with the subject of "Cool Summer Sips" with the following details-

Recipe Name and URL:
Picture of the dish reduced to 300px:

Non Bloggers are also welcome to send me any number of entries. Just mail me the recipe and the picture.
While the linky tool is perfect for submitting your entries, I will however do a manual roundup of the event after the event is over. I somehow feel that those round ups have a personal touch.

So, friends send in your summery sips entries! Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!


  1. Hi.. have linked my recipe.. it isnt visible yet thou.. hope it happens soon :)

  2. Hi Jyoti..I have linked Strawberry Lassi..Plz check it out :)

  3. Lined mine

  4. Linked one, Cucumber cooler..

  5. Hi Jyoti...I have linked Plush Purple Beauty...Lovely event

  6. Linked Mine
    Strawberry Lemonade

  7. Hi Jyoti,
    Just linked it to one of my posts.

  8. Linked one more, Pineapple Juice With ginger..

  9. Hi jyothi,linked my cooler,nice space of you.Happy joining with you.Do visit my space in your time.

  10. hi Jyoti:

    Lovely event, just linked an entry !

  11. hi jyoti - have just linked an entry (actually did it twice because got confused by the linky) - great event idea (even though it is winter here - doesn't stop us drinking summer drinks)

  12. hi,Nice event. linked one entry. Fresh Orange juice.

  13. Hi Jyoti,

    I have linked my solkadhi-kokani cuisine


  14. Hi Jyoti,

    I have linked my cucumber mint shake for the cool summer sips



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