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Sunday 19 May 2013

Salvation of a Saint by Keigo Higashino

It has been a while since, I read a crime fiction novel. In fact a long while since I can't even remember what was the last one I read. That's why when I saw 'Salvation of a Saint' by Keigo Higashino up for review at blogadda, I didn't even apply to review it at first. But, later when I came across great reviews from fellow bloggers, I was lured to read the book.

And I am glad I read it.

It is a first class crime fiction novel. If you are put off by blood and violence in crime fiction books, then you need not worry, as this book is not so much about crimes but about solving the mystery of crime committed. The author's style of unfolding the facts is unique. In fact, after reading the first couple of chapters, you will know who is the victim and who the possible suspect is. Yet, the book will keep you glued till the very end. There is not a single moment. It is indeed a great achievement for the author to keep the readers riveted even after revealing some fundamental facts about the mystery.

The plot revolves around a murder. The victim has died of poisoning while his wife Ayane is away. All circumstances and clues points towards the wife. But, there is a problem in establishing it. How could she have committed the murder when she was hundred of miles away.

As the Tokyo police detective Kusanagi delves into the past of the deceased, he picks up on an seemingly unrelated sequence of events. In the process, he also develops a soft corner for the prime suspect - Ayane. With his judgement clouded, will he be able to work on the case objectively and solve it. Is it reasonable for her assistant to seek the help of an old friend to solve the crime? Or is it possible that a perfect crime has been committed?

It will take a genius to unravel the complicated web of deceit and it takes a genius to write such an amazing and riveting book. It will definitely keep you hooked and reading through the night. Highly recommended.

I have heard that the first book by the author, Devotion of Suspect X is even better. Can't wait to lay my hand on it.

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