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Wednesday 16 September 2020

Floral Mandala ~ Putting Ideas to Practice ~ Not So Wordless Wednesday

Spending time mindfully on social media needs a lot of discipline. Do you agree?

How many of you have saved ideas about things on Pinterest and never got around to rechecking them?

I tell you there was a time when I would save ideas about all sort of cake recipes, icing, decorations, etc., that my Pinterest feed would be so full of the sugary cakes. Then came different phases when I would look up words, quotes, parenting, kid's activities, and most recently, art ideas. I think of all the ideas I have saved there, only a tiny part of it has been actually put to any use. A visual platform like Pinterest is so full of exciting ideas that it is so easy to get lost, and if you are not disciplined enough, you could end up wasting some productive hours. If you are wondering why I am in this rant mode, well, because I have been there and have eventually learnt to use the platform mindfully.

In recent months, I have tried to take inspiration from many saved ideas to practice ink art, and the most recent one is this mandala. I find creating mandalas quite daunting - it needs patience and a very steady hand to create symmetrically aligned designs. When I saw an idea with a flower pattern added to a mandala, I was really inspired to try it - to tell you I quite enjoy making floral patterns, but mandala not quite so much. But I enjoyed making this one (inspired from this pin).

How do you like it?

So, the wisdom here is that instead of scrolling and just saving posts and ideas on social media platforms, we should learn to use social media mindfully and put saved ideas to use.

Linking it to this week's edition of Wordless Wednesday hosted by Natasha at Natasha Musings

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Thanks for stopping by! Cheers.


  1. Beautiful ink art. Last year I bought a set of pens to use with my watercolours. - Margy

  2. Loved your mandala art, Jyoti. I can see a lot of love and patience went into it. I'm a big fan of art but mostly do tiny doodles these days in my planner.

    Being mindfully away from social media is such a must. Else it can overtake our lives. Making art and writing help.

    Wonderful to have you join me for #WW.

    Have a good rest of the week.


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