Wednesday 19 October 2011

Salty Cumin Cookies & Aloo Tikki Chat~ For Blog Hop Wednesdays~ A Double Post

Its time again for a 'Blog Hop' post. Blog Hop Wednesdays is an initiative taken by Radhika. To know more about this event check this.
From the very title of the post, it is evident that I am going to post two recipes here. Let me explain!
For the 7th edition of Blog Hop I am assigned Dee's Kitchen and I have chosen her Salty Jeera Cookies. It has been quite a while since I baked anything and my hands are seriously itching to get baking!

The second recipe I am doing is from Veena's Space, Veg Junction. I had missed a blog hop post when I was on my India visit. Initially I had zeroed on her Khandvi recipe, which I have tried twice, but didn't get the chance to click! So, the other day when I was going through her space, I chanced upon her Aloo Tikki and the sweet memories of gorging on chats on my India visit came flooding to me and I knew I had to make it soon. So, taking inspiration from that I prepared Aloo Tikka Chat!

So, first can I entice you with these Salty Cumin Cookies:

3/4 cup AP Flour
¼ cup soft butter+1 tsp butter to grease hands
2 tbsp powdered sugar.
¼ tsp salt.
¼ tsp cumin seeds.
¼ tsp carom seeds
2 tbsp water


1. Pre-heat the oven at 180 C and line a baking tray.

2. Add the cumin and carom seeds to the flour and mix. Now add the butter in flour and mix it.
3. Knead the flour well with fingers till smooth. Add water little by little as required.
4. Shape the dough into 10 even sized balls with greased hands
5. Place them on the lined baking tray and flatten the balls with a fork.
6. Bake the cookies for 15-18 min. at 180 degree till they are light golden. Cool them completely before storing.
7. Serve them with hot tea or coffee.

The cookies were awesome and had a perfect texture. I will surely make them again.

Now can we have some chat on the table!

Aloo Tikki Chat:


Serves 2:

2 large potatoes, boiled, peeled and mashed.
1 tbsp grated ginger.
1 green chilli finely chopped, optional/to taste.
1 tbsp corn flour.
1/2 tsp sugar.
1/2 tsp red chilli powder.
1/2 tbsp roasted cumin powder.
2 tbsp chat masala.
3-4 tbsp Green Chutney
6-7 tbsp Sweet Tamarind Chutney.
1 cup yoghurt.
Salt to taste.
Oil as needed.
Pomegranate pearls, nylon sev and chopped coriander to garnish.

1. In a bowl add mashed potatoes, grated ginger, green chilli, corn flour and salt and mix well. Shape them into 4 even sized balls and flatten them inthe shape of tikkis.
2. Shallow fry them on a hot tava. Keep aside.
3. Whisk the yoghurt till smooth. Add salt, sugar and a spoon of sweet chutney.
4. To serve arrange 2 tikkis per plate and pour the yoghurt mixture over it. Top it with green chutney and sweet chutney. Sprinkle roasted cumin powder, chat masala, red chilli powder. Garnish it with pomegranate pearls, nylon sev and chopped coriander leaves.
5. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Check what other blog hoppers are up with.

Thank you for stopping by! Cheers!


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